Looking to jam or revive my black metal band

new to columbus and looking to meet some like-minded individuals? need a second drummer for your grateful dead jam band? your craigslist missed connections aren't quite reaching the target of your affection? try here, bub.

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Looking to jam or revive my black metal band

Postby skullisland_dinosaur » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:19 pm

Hey everyone, I'm new to the area and I would like to start a band or just jam. No genre in particular, but I do tend to play heavier riffs.

I mostly do guitar/vocals, but I can play bass if one is provided, and I can do samples as well.

Or if you are a drummer or bassist and you are interested in helping me revive my old black metal band, I already have about 30 min of material.
It's kind of a thrashy black metal, just check out the demo to see if it suites you.


Or if you want to just hang out and drink beer that would be cool too.
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