*Bridesmaid, Carabar 3/25...

pretend someone cares that you were at the sickest show EV-AR last nite, AND you've got the thrash rash and bangover to prove it.

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Re: *Bridesmaid, Carabar 3/25...

Postby EliannaE » Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:01 pm

I'm VERY new to the wider scene (I just went to my first concert of the non-orchestral sort this past Sunday- Godsmack and Shinedown were amazing live)) and especially this scene in particular (this is my introduction to it). I love to dance while listening to music, and am only recently not 5'2" and 95 lbs (now I'm 5'2.5" and 104, so still pretty tiny) and avoided the mosh pit at Uproar for fear of being destroyed, but probably would have loved it. Instead, I was off to the side with my friend (also tiny- we had a great view of the stage) and we danced where we couldn't hit/be hit by anybody. Standing on a chair after 2 beers isn't the easiest thing, especially if the beers were .5L .... if they're .3, its not too bad, but I get stir crazy. My point is, respect has to come from both sides of the equation and the fact that the men would physically manhandle the women like that, no matter how obnoxious they were being, was indisputably wrong. There is asking someone to stop, for one, which drives home an inappropriate behavior, and if you need to resort to physically stopping someone grabbing them by the neck is almost NEVER the correct response.

That was a very long ramble to say that even though learning of these men's actions frankly made me a bit scared to explore, the reasoned debate on this thread reassures me quite a bit.
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